Monday, October 22, 2018

Wakanda rules


Welcome to wakanda Nation, an online forum that enables you earn money while reading news, and general information contents.

To enable us interact and relate better with one another, these rules shall be binding on Every member of Wakanda Nation.
1. Do not post false news or misleading information on wakanda Nation.
2. Post every good article or post in the right section of Wakanda Nation.
3. Do not bully, intimidate, abuse or unduly embarrass a fellow wakadian. Please show love, Respect and decorum in expressing your views.
4. Do not aid, facilitate or abate any act or omission inimical to progress of wakanda Nation.
5. Do not use Wakanda Nation for ANY illegal Activity.
6. Do not post irrelevant or maliciously repeated COMMENTS just to earn money. We will ban your account and earnings if you do.
7. Do not propagate, instigate, incite or promote tribal or ethnic causes on wakanda Nation.
8. Do not post ANY pornographic or irritating content on wakanda Nation.
9. Respect the privacy of people and desist from posting Anyone's confidential information on wakanda Nation.
10. Please, as much as you can, write in good English and avoid unnecessary abbreviations.
11. Do not post illicit adverts Anywhere on Wakanda Nation except the area permitted for that purpose.
12. Please, Respect Wakanda Nation Moderators.
13. We urge you to join Wakanda Affiliate program (WAP) to earn N1000 for every person you refer to wakanda affiliate program. Learn more HERE.
Kindly note that a breach of any of these rules attracts a ban.
Thank you and Happy Earnings!

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