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WAKANDA ASSURANCE PACKAGE: How To Join Now And Earn More Money Even While Sleeping!

Good evening once more great Wakandians!
After a whole lot of rigorous technical works, we are quite delighted to announce the introduction and launch of Wakanda Assurance Membership/Package.
The Wakanda Assurance Package is another level of membership on Wakanda Nation specially designed with VIP features and enhanced earnings meant specifically to reward members for their efforts in moving the platform forward. Our Aim is to ensure that members earn money in a circle whether they bring new members or not.
You must be an affiliate member first before you can upgrade to Wakanda Assurance Package. This means that you will earn all the current bonuses of an affiliate member and MORE!
When you Join the Wakanda Assurance Package, you earn the following:
1. N4 for comments.
2. N100 for sharing sponsored posts.
3. N50 for daily Login.
A. N1000 ordinary affiliate bonus: When you refer anyone to Wakanda nation and the person upgrades to affiliate membership, you will earn this bonus.
B. N1,500 Assurance Bonus: You get this bonus from each of your affiliate downlines who upgrades to Wakanda Assurance Package! You will always get this bonus once in every 2 months. So, assume you have 100 downlines, this means you will be receiving N1500x100 = N150,000 every 2 months as long as you remain a member of Wakanda Assurance!
Kindly Note the Following:
  1. You will earn N1500 for each of your OLD down-lines if you upgrade before them. This is why we recommend that you upgrade instantly if you wish to earn Wakanda Assurance bonus from all your old down-lines.
2. Referral is not compulsory on this package but you can truly make much money with referrals here.
3. Wakanda Assurance Package is a subscription-based Membership with a duration of 2 months and subject to renewal. This means that your membership of this package will always last for 2 months after which the system will automatically reduce your membership to ordinary affiliate.
4. The upgrade fee for this package is N2,500 only. You can upgrade with coupon or online payment. The upgrade button is beside the affiliate area button on the homepage header.
5. To purchase coupons for your Wakanda assurance upgrade, call GIFT -09098383076 or @deprince -08152054014.
So, why should you Join Wakanda Assurance Package Instantly?
There are a thousand and one reasons why you should join the wakanda assurance package now but we will give you some below:
A. The assurance package enables you earn more money with less stress. For instance, a member who can build 500 or 1000 downlines on the Assurance package is sure of N750,000 or N1.5 million naira every two months! Such a member will always get paid every month even when he no longer works!!!
B. The activity earnings of the Assurance members are classically enhanced to make them earn more. This means that once you are on this package, you can still earn much more money through activities alone even without referrals!
For instance, let’s do a simple maths of activity earnings of comments+login+sponsored posts.  N4 for comments x50 posts equals N2000 daily from comments. Thus, 200+50+100=N350 daily. Now, N350x 60days = 21,000.
With the above hypothesis, you have an assured N21,000 from activities alone as a member of the Wakanda Assurance Package!
We invite you to join the Wakanda Assurance Package now to start earning money!
For Inquiries and clarifications, all our office lines will be open from 8am tomorrow to attend to all your questions!
As always, we celebrate you!


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